Moving to Sweden


Some big (and late) news from me: as of this April and after ~10 years I’ve finally left Southampton to move to Sweden for a new Post-Doc (along with my partner Rachael – see her blogs about moving to Sweden)!

The last time I posted on this blog I had just started a new Post-Doc project in Southampton – since then I moved on to a new project (using Agent-Based Models to design agroecological microinsurance co-ops to improve the resilience of smallholders in coastal Bangladesh) and have now taken up a new Post-Doc at Stockholm Resilience Centre (a cutting-edge research institute within Stockholm University promoting ‘Sustainability Science for Biosphere Stewardship’). I’ll be working on modelling nonlinear climate-biosphere feedbacks as part of the Earth Resilience in the Anthropocene project for the next 2 years – you can find some more details at my SRC bio or on my newly updated Research pages. It’s also nice to have a longer project to get my teeth into compared to the rather short-term and precarious small pots of funding I’ve had since the end of my PhD – ~2 guaranteed years of job and housing seems like quite the luxury compared to the uncertainty of the last few years! We’ll be living in Solna in Stockholm county for the duration, and I’m hoping to get out and about exploring around the Nordic/Baltic regions and getting some good travelling and bushcrafting in.

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