Georesilience Analytics consultancy

I have a broad background in Earth system and sustainability science, with knowledge ranging from climate feedbacks and tipping points in the past and future, how ecosystems respond and adapt under natural and human pressures, and today’s grand sustainability challenge from local agroecosystems to global planetary boundaries.

I have a decade’s experience in scientific modelling and data analysis techniques, and maintain strong links with a network of cutting-edge researchers in Earth system and sustainability science. I am also a keen proponent of science communication, writing popular science explainers and factchecks or doing talks and podcasts on complex and controversial scientific topics.

I can use this experience to help your project – from talks or articles laying out the core concepts or cutting-edge of climate and sustainability science in an easy-to-understand way, writing or checking over analyses and reports, to scientific analyses and running Earth system and climate models.

Interested in hiring me for some analysis or communication work linked to Earth system and sustainability science? Send me an email and let’s chat!

Current work and availability:

As of November 2022 I’m now working full-time again as a Research Impact Fellow at the University of Exeter, but depending on project load I still have capacity for some smaller freelance research consultancy and science communication projects on the side (as well as maintaining and providing gratis climate and biosphere science expertise for good causes). Get in touch if you have a suggestion for a project!