February Update: Climate Tipping Points and Current Research

My ReCoVER-funded outreach project on Climate Tipping Points has mostly come to an end now, and it’s gone really well. We’ve done some public events including a school science day and some public conversation sessions, and I’ve written a collection of articles over at www.climatetippingpoints.info and an article for The Science Room responding to their community question of “Why is Climate Change so Hard to Address?” (also posted over at my new Medium page where I’ll try to post my non-academic writing). We’ve also made an animated guide to Climate Tipping Points, with thanks going to Rachael for lending us her voice and Ciarán for animating:

There’ll also soon be a podcast chat with my friend Jess on the same material too, alas featuring my own voice instead of Rachael’s (and it turns out the only way to make my voice sound more posh is for me try and sound less posh…).

Since I last posted I’ve also moved on to a new Postdoc based at Geography at the University of Southampton with Prof. John Dearing, once again moving from ancient climate change to modern sustainability to study macroscale controls on how Ecosystem Services and Poverty Alleviation are interlinked. This position has been intense and led to some interesting outcomes (paper now in progress) but as another short contract is now nearly finished, so the hunt for a new position continues!

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